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A midwest native and a son of the Quad Cities, Aubrey Barnes, also known as “Aubs.”, is a stimulating and thought-provoking creative, with a hunger to educate and an appetite to grow and succeed in his craft. Because of his love for literature and writing, Aubs. is a natural poet, author, and educator. He performs as a spoken word artist and a battle rap enthusiast. When Aubs. is not on stage or in the classroom where he often works with at-risk children, he contributes to The Black Thoughts Podcast as its co-founder and host. Aubs. performs and teaches workshops all over the world, from Chicago to Haiti. In 2019, the Iowa Writers Organization ranked Aubs. the number 3 best slam poet in the state of Iowa. Seeing a need for area artists to showcase their poetry, in 2014, Aubs. began Roaring Rhetoric, a live interactive poetry showcase. These shows have featured many professional artists from all over the midwest. Later Aubs. founded the Young Lions Roar Project. Its purpose is to teach the next generation of young poets, writers, and entertainers the art of writing and performing poetry. The class uses rhyme and other poetic devices that make learning easy and gratifying for the participating students. He teaches poetry at multiple camps, churches, and events.

As an author, Aubs. has published two books of his poetic work, “Unfinished” and “I’m Not Anti Love, I Swear”, which can be purchased on Amazon. He also produced his first project at the beginning of 2019, called “Aubizms”, and just recently released the sequel project “Aubizms II”, which can be heard on all streaming services. His next book is in the works and will be released in early/mid-2022. Aubs. has a singular focus with his works and that is to provoke thought and inspire positive changes within ourselves and in our society as a whole. His content reflects his life journey and he continues to create and mold minds with his creative endeavors.




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